About us

Welcome to CH Logistics - the undeniable choice for leading freight solutions

We are a privately owned German logistics company based in South Africa that specialises in the large-scale transportation of perishable cargo and dry goods by land and sea. Our dynamic team comprises a unique blend of youthful energy and seasoned expertise, ensuring a professional and innovative approach to every endeavour.

A 15-year legacy of proven operational excellence.

As a future-conscious business, we constantly immerse ourselves in the ever-changing tide of technological advancement, seeking industry-defining solutions to navigate any and all emerging obstacles.

Our Glasshouse Methodology

Zero headaches. No doubts. Complete confidence.

We believe transparency builds true trust. From the moment your shipment sets off to its destination to the moment it arrives, you will have complete access to the state of your goods and the status of the journey. By using cutting-edge tracking solutions, we will keep you fully informed throughout the entire supply chain and are available 24/7 for any enquiries.

Efficiency meets innovation

We aim to revolutionise supply chain logistics by pushing technological standards in the industry and fostering innovative thinking. We have developed a streamlined and eco-conscious approach, which allows us to meet your transportation needs efficiently while significantly reducing the reduction of perishable goods wastage. This paves the way for responsible resource utilisation and enhanced food preservation.

Our services

Delivering perfection by land and sea.

Export Services

We provide the full spectrum of international export services for both perishable and dry goods.

Export Services

  • Freight negotiation/shipping contracts
  • Inland transport services
  • Storage and value-added services related to cargo movement, such as quality control, labelling, and pre-transport inspections
  • Constant updates and communication with clients
  • Releasing and receiving cargo at the destination with agent networks
  • Temperature control on goods from farm to final destination
  • Tight metric control (e.g. temperature control) throughout the supply chain

Import Services

We cover all your needs for the import of perishable goods and dry cargo, ensuring your shipment arrives in Southern Africa - safe and sound.

Import Services

  • Customs processing
  • Port health check
  • Regulatory body checks
  • Release actions for agent network and represent international freight forwarders with their cargo movements in RSA
  • Inland transport & warehousing
  • Value-added services

Door to Door Logistics

Seamless door-to-door logistics solutions with full supply chain management, ensuring an effortless journey for your cargo from origin to destination.

Door to Door Logistics

  • Customized logistics planning and supply chain management from pick-up to delivery, ensuring a seamless transition between all stages of the transport chain.
  • Comprehensive support for all logistics-related paperwork and regulatory compliance, minimizing delays and complications.
  • Access to a global network of logistics partners, allowing for efficient and reliable transportation across borders.
  • Specialized support for startups and small businesses, including consultation on logistics strategies and cost optimization.
  • Competitive pricing models designed to support growing businesses in establishing their presence in the global market.
  • Dedicated customer service team providing constant updates and support throughout the shipping process.

Trusted Partners and Clients

Our strategic alliances with trusted partners stretch across the vastness of the globe, ensuring that nothing stands in the way of your goods reaching their destination. Join the ranks of top local and international brands, and ensure your cargo reaches its destination without any hassle.

Company Values


We set ourselves apart as a trusted partner through proven expertise, robust transport solutions and innovative services that adapt to industry demands.


We embody a proactive approach and are fully committed to delivering your cargo with unparalleled efficiency, meticulous foresight, and minimal disruptions.


Our success is built on strong, trusted, long-term partnerships. As a family-owned business, we believe in the value of honesty, communication and respect.