Fresh logistics solutions from origin to destination – that is CH Logistics

We provide a superior service for the transport of perishable cargo and dry goods by sea, truck and air from source to destination. This includes freight shipping, and a range of value added services and transport logistic solutions.
We strive to maintain the highest quality in enhancing the shelf life of perishable cargo by providing healthy travel and storage conditions. We partner with people and organisations that understand the need to maintain profitable and professional operations at all levels. We have established a work ethic based on transparency, sustainability and profitability for all parties involved.

With an emphasis on future-orientated and individual customer based solutions, we focus primarily on perishable logistics, storage and transport. Our success is based on our experience and competency in the storage and transportation of perishable goods, our long-term business relations and our high service values.

About 30 per cent of all perishable goods turn to waste. The core reason for such a high waste percentage ratio is the lack of companies, globally, that cannot provide an integrated supply chain logistics solution for temperature sensitive goods. This results in a higher environmental burden and a decline in profitability. CHL strives to minimise wastage and maximise profitability by delivering cost effective solutions in consultation with all our clients.

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Our services include:

  • Clearing & Forwarding
  • Documentation
  • Assistance with CUSTOMS stops
  • Cold Storage Solutions
  • Shipping Line Negotiations
  • Quality & Temperature Control prior to Shipping
  • PHYTO Inspections
  • Customs Formalities
  • Perishable Logistics

We provide transport solutions in the following industries:

Sea freight

Road transport/haulage