Pioneering Sustainable Logistics

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) at CH Logistics

At CH Logistics, we understand that our actions impact not only our business, but also our planet and its people.

The three critical areas of Environmental, Social, and Governance are where proactive and conscious efforts can lead to sustainable growth and ethical excellence.

This commitment is central to our mission of delivering exceptional logistics solutions while promoting the well-being of our planet and communities.

Reporting on ESG factors in the logistics-services space allows us to demonstrate accountability and transparency, helping all stakeholders understand our commitment to responsible business practices.

We recognise that our logistics service operations have wide-ranging impacts on the environment, on people, and on our corporate governance.

As the first South African freight forwarder and logistics company to embrace comprehensive ESG reporting, we are committed to setting the benchmark for sustainability, social responsibility, and ethical governance.

We are thrilled to embark on this journey as the first local freight forwarder and logistics company to adopt comprehensive ESG reporting.

This initiative underscores our dedication to pioneering positive change within the logistics industry and setting new standards for environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and governance transparency.

Environmental (E)

Our path to carbon neutrality

At CH Logistics, we are dedicated to reducing our environmental impact as part of our sustainability strategy. Guided by a commitment to achieve carbon neutrality by the end of 2025, we are focusing on key areas such as emissions control, energy efficiency, and waste reduction.

At CH Logistics, we are dedicated to reducing our environmental impact as part of our sustainability strategy. Guided by a commitment to achieve carbon neutrality by the end of 2025, we are focusing on key areas such as emissions control, energy efficiency, and waste reduction.

Our strategy:
Beginning in June, we are stepping up our efforts to accurately track emissions from company vehicles and employee commutes using advanced tracking devices and speedometers in all company cars. This data will enable us to implement effective carbon offsetting strategies, aiming for carbon neutrality in our freight and cargo logistics operations.

Operating in a shared coworking space, we aim to manage our energy usage intelligently. Our efforts to understand and reduce energy consumption include optimising the use of our electronic devices, such as laptops, screens, and our always-on server. Implementing energy-saving practices and considering energy audits are steps we are exploring to enhance our energy efficiency.

Our strategy:
Within our coworking space, we actively manage and aim to reduce our energy consumption through optimised usage of our electronic devices and equipment, including laptops, screens, and our server, which operates 24/7. We are exploring potential energy audits and introducing energy-efficient practices to further reduce our energy footprint.

Our commitment to digital transformation is pivotal in reducing our paper usage. By digitising our document processes and incentivising reduced printouts among our staff, we aim to significantly minimise our environmental impact while boosting operational efficiency.

Our strategy:
Our digital transformation strategy is significantly reducing our reliance on paper. By digitising our processes and encouraging reduced printing through employee incentives, we are not only minimising our environmental impact but also improving operational efficiency. We partner with certified waste management companies to responsibly recycle our paper waste.

Acknowledging the indirect impact of our activities on water resources, particularly through paper consumption, we are committed to promoting sustainable water-use practices both internally and among our suppliers.

Our strategy:
While our direct water usage in the logistics and transport space is minimal, we recognise the broader implications of our indirect consumption, particularly through paper. We are committed to engaging with suppliers who adopt sustainable water management practices, ensuring that our indirect impacts are responsibly managed.

Social (S)

Empowering Our Community

At CH Logistics, we are committed to empowering our team and enhancing our community impact through responsible business practices. Our social initiatives focus on providing comprehensive training, supporting diversity, and engaging with local communities to promote social well-being. As a socially conscious logistics business, we support and practice employment equality.

Investing in our team’s growth, CH Logistics supports a variety of training & development programmes. These initiatives are tailored to help employees advance in their careers within our logistics company, reflecting our belief in nurturing talent from within.

Our strategy:
We invest significantly in our employees’ professional growth, offering diverse training programmes and personal development opportunities. Notable initiatives include sending our operational personnel to specialised online courses and hosting regular meetings to discuss personal investments and financial planning. This equips them with the tools to excel in the logistics service industry while gaining valuable experience in one of the top logistics companies in Africa.

We provide robust internship opportunities for local and international students, aiming to give them a comprehensive insight into the logistics industry. These programmes are designed to align with the students’ interests and strengths, offering them valuable project experience.

Our strategy:
Our internship programmes offer local and international students real-world exposure to the logistics service industry. Students engage in comprehensive learning experiences, including project work that aligns with their interests and strengths, enhancing both their personal and professional development.

We pride ourselves on being one of the most diverse and inclusive logistics companies in South Africa. As a champion of workplace diversity, CH Logistics maintains a zero-tolerance policy towards discrimination. We are continually refining our policies to ensure an inclusive, respectful work environment for all employees.

Our strategy:
CH Logistics is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace. We enforce a zero-tolerance policy toward discrimination and continuously enhance our policies to ensure an inclusive, respectful work environment for all employees.

As one of the top logistics companies in Africa, we uphold stringent ethical standards throughout our logistics supply chain. This ensures that all partners adhere to the same principles of integrity and responsibility that define our operations.

Our strategy:
We maintain rigorous ethical standards across our logistics supply chain, ensuring that all partners adhere to our high standards of integrity. This includes regular interactions and customer feedback to monitor compliance and address issues proactively.

Governance (G)

Upholding Integrity Through Transparent Governance

Good governance is the backbone of sustainable business practices. At CH Logistics, our Governance framework emphasises transparency, ethical operations, and effective stakeholder engagement. We are dedicated to maintaining a governance structure that supports swift decision-making and incorporates ethical considerations at every level.

Our commitment to engaging with stakeholders through clear, open communication is integral to our business strategy. As we enhance our ESG reporting, we look forward to fostering deeper connections and more impactful interactions with all our logistics service partners.

Our strategy:
We engage actively with stakeholders through transparent communication, ensuring they are informed and involved in our business operations. This approach fosters strong relationships and supports continuous improvements in our practices.

We recognise the challenges of ESG reporting, particularly around data consistency and detail. CH Logistics is committed to developing internal capabilities that will improve the precision and relevance of our reporting, ensuring our stakeholders can easily access and understand our ESG performance.

Our strategy:
Acknowledging the challenges of detailed and consistent ESG reporting, we are committed to developing robust internal systems to enhance the accuracy and transparency of our disclosures. This effort supports our mission to maintain high standards of accountability and openness in all aspects of our business.

Want to see our full report?

We are currently in the process of finalising our full ESG report, which we will make available here once published.